Modular Ramps

All of our ramps are constructed with Pathway® modular components. This allows us to easily construct a ramp solution that increases your ease of mobility. Ramps can be configured in straight, with a 45 degree turn, U-shaped, or L-shaped designs. Platforms and stairs can expand the range of designs, and create access solutions for both those with mobility issues and their caretakers. Individual ramps begin at 2 feet, and can be extended to any length. Widths start at 36 inches, and can be widened to accommodate specialty mobility devices. Standard platforms come in a variety of sizes, for use in both large and small spaces. Stairs and handrails can be seamlessly integrated, and each component can be adjusted to cater to the desired height of the ramp user.

For more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation, please contact us.

Veteran with prosthetic legs standing on a ramp

Passport Vertical Platform Lift – Lightest Platform Lift

Wheelchaired man using a VPL to access his home

Passport®Vertical Platform Lift is the lightest residential platform lift available, weighing in at less than 400 pounds. It features an individually prewired platform lift tower and gate for easy installation. This vertical platform lift is used most commonly for individuals with limited mobility and is a great solution for any difficult pathway, porch or platform.

To learn more about platform lift options and customization for your home, please contact us for a free in-home consultation.

Handicare Xclusive Stairglide

If you have difficulty getting up and down the stairs you are not alone. Every year thousands of people look for a solution to the problems posed by the staircase in their home. Handicare’s stairlifts offer a safe and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down the stairs.

We offer you a range of straight and curved stairlifts so one is sure to meet your need. To find out more about our stairlifts and how to decide which type you need for your staircase, please contact us for a free consultation.

Xclusive stairglide at wooden staircase

Curved Stairlift

Lady standing at a curved in-home stairglide

Curved stairlifts have tracks that are specifically designed to suit staircases that turn corners or are spiral. All Handicare curved tracks are made to order following a survey of each individual staircase. We offer a variety of curved stairlifts to ensure we meet your specific needs. Contact us if you have questions or for a free in-home consultation.

Lift Chair

If you or a love one struggles with standing from the sitting position, a lift chair is the perfect mobility solution. Lift chairs feature a powered lifting mechanism to put the chair up from the seated/chair position so that it slowly brings the user to a standing position without needing physical exertion from the user.

To find out more about our lift chairs, please contact us for a free consultation.

Chair lift showing range of motion