ADA Compliant Mobility Equipment for an Accessible Home

handicapped accessible bathroom solutions

Accessibility and medical equipment are extremely important for safety and mobility for those who are disabled. Home modifications that accommodate someone with a disability will greatly improve their quality of life. EZ Rampz follows ADA guidelines for mobility equipment such as wheelchair ramps and accessible bathrooms to ensure the reliability and safety of our products.


ADA Showers and Bathrooms

Taking a shower can be dangerous and complicated for those with medical issues. Nearly a quarter of a million people fall while in the bathroom every year. We provide top-of-the-line barrier-free shower and bath solutions. In addition to ADA compliant showers and step-in tubs, we also provide custom grab bars, adjustable showerheads, shower seats, and other equipment to make your bathroom safe and functional. Our ADA shower solutions are available in a variety of colors to help match the current style of your bathroom.


ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramps

The ADA has specific guidelines and requirements for ramps for those with disabilities. These requirements include specifications for handrails, the slope of a ramp as well as the width and rise of ramps to ensure that they are safe for use. Our ADA ramps are designed for wheelchair users and other people with disabilities. We build ramps that meet these accessibility standards for homes, businesses, and events. 


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