Probably one of the most asked questions during this time of year is, “What can I put on my ramp to melt snow and ice that won’t harm the surface?”  First, here is what you shouldn’t use; rock salt or any calcium chloride ice melt.  Not only will calcium effect the surface of the ramp and fuse the nuts and bolts to the assembly parts but it will also void the warranty.  We recommend you use a magnesium based ice melt.  Something like MagMelt.  Unfortunately, we have found that magnesium ice melt is much harder to find than its calcium base cousins.  Good news, though, we now have an ice melt product that is perfect for our ramps for sale.  Better news!  It’s really inexpensive. A 10 pound container costs just $25.00, a 25 pound bag costs $35.00 and a 50 pound bag is $50.00.  Also, this product is good for the environment, won’t harm your plants, and is safe for your animals. The best news?  We will ship it directly to your house for free! An inexpensive ice melter, perfect for aluminum ramps, that ships directly to you for $50.00 or less, it’s hard to find a better deal than that.  To place an order go here or call us directly at 855-357-7679.  It is as easy as that.