Since 2008, the primary goal of EZ Rampz Mobility Solutions has been the safety and well-being of our customers. This hasn’t changed with the challenges our country and the world are currently going through. As of this week, EZ Rampz has been designated as an essential business. That being said, we have decided to remain open in order to serve our customers. We are evaluating each project on an individual basis and are being diligent to ensure the highest level of wellness to our customers and our employees.

Mobility and Accessibility is a constant need, especially for the elderly. The introduction of the Coronavirus into our society only elevates this need. With the announcement that people should stay home to prevent the virus spreading, being safe in one’s own home is more important than ever. As is the ability to leave the home to seek medical treatment if necessary.

If you are a caregiver or family member to an elderly person, please take the time to reach out and check on their wellness and state of mind. A typical day can feel lonely, but with the increasing environment of isolation, contact (in a safe manner) is more important than ever.

Below you will find an article from John Hopkins Medicine with tips on how to keep the elderly in your life healthy, both physically and emotionally. EZ Rampz is blessed to be able to continue our mission and we hope you all stay well.