When Your Hero is also Mr. Wright

At EZ Rampz, all our clients are special to us. But occasionally, a client has a story that’s too touching not to share. This is one of those stories. Dawn Wright contracted us to install a ceiling lift in her sunroom, which had been converted into a bedroom. At 50 feet of track and two [...]

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On a Roll: All About Roll-in Showers

The Basics Roll-in Showers can be a perfect solution for individuals with limited mobility. They provide greater accessibility for older adults, people with physical limitations, and folks who require the use of a wheelchair. Bathing is more difficult for these people, and it can also be dangerous; hence, extra care is taken to make showering [...]

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Can You Get Medicare Reimbursement For Lift Chairs?

Can You Get Medicare Reimbursement For Lift Chairs? Lift chairs are chairs that have a seat lift mechanism that assist individuals with mobility issues to get from a sitting to a standing position. These mobility products offer the important service of helping those facing mobility challenges remain comfortable in their own homes. Lift chairs range [...]

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How Do You Get Out Of A Walk In Bathtub?

Walk in bathtubs are an excellent mobility product that allow those with mobility issues to get in and out of their bathtub in a safer manner. Instead of a standard tub with a solid wall, these convenient bathroom installations feature a door that opens and closes for easier tub entry. Given that the bathtub has [...]

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COVID-19: Produce Sneezes and Milk Aisle Wheezes

You’re doing your part. You’re staying home, washing your hands, and streaming that show about the big cats. Eventually however, you may have to leave your home to endure the hunt for the elusive roll of TP or visit the “essential” store. Again, you do your part. Mask on, maintaining six feet of social distancing [...]

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Useful Information About Coronavirus

Since 2008, the primary goal of EZ Rampz Mobility Solutions has been the safety and well-being of our customers. This hasn’t changed with the challenges our country and the world are currently going through. As of this week, EZ Rampz has been designated as an essential business. That being said, we have decided to remain [...]

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Event Recap: Military Appreciation Night 2019

A great day at the ballpark... Last Saturday was Military Appreciation Night at the Salem Red Sox, and Roanoke natives were out in force to show their gratitude to the men and women who serve(d) in the armed forces of our great nation! And as the 2019 sponsor for the [...]

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How to Stay Active With A Disability

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. It’s important to eat healthy, stay active and relax and have down time in order to ensure great physical and mental health. Often times, people with disabilities believe that they are unable to do the same things that the physically-able can do. They give up ideas of [...]

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