Whether you have short-term or permanent mobility needs, the decisions can be overwhelming when looking for mobility solutions. Our customer care team has provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about our modular ramps and other mobility products below.

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Please call or email us. We would be happy to help! And, we provide free in-home mobility consultations for all prospective clients. Reach out to us today so we can help you rediscover your freedom.

If you’re having difficulty getting into or out of your own home, you may benefit from a ramp. Whether your mobility challenges are the result of injury, disease, or age, we have the solutions to accommodate you.  We offer short-term rental equipment and temporary solutions for those in physical therapy, rental and vacation properties, and for family gatherings and events.

With today’s technology we can normally give you a good idea with some basic information from you like: address of the ramp, location of the ramp, and the number of the steps at that entrance.  We also offer  free In-Home Accessibility Evaluations. We rely on our vast experience and your specific needs to tailor a solution specifically for you.

In many cases, your current health or homeowners insurance will cover some or all of the cost. Many of our clients find support through the Veterans Administration, the Centers for Independent Living, State agencies, or grant programs. EZ Rampz Mobility Solutions also offers EZ Pay payment plans and rental contract. Click here for information on EZ Pay.

While we can offer suggestions on how to cover the cost of your ramp, we don’t direct bill for payment.

We have a dedicated group of Mobility Specialists in the EZ Rampz Mobility Solutions team. We work hard to find compassionate, considerate professionals who will respect your home and ensure your happiness with our work. When they’re done, you won’t even know they were there.

We can generally have a ramp installed at your home in a week or less.  Once we are on-site, we can have you on your new ramp in under a day. We also provide temporary and rental solutions for short-term emergencies. In some cases, you can call us today, and we can provide you a ramp as early as the next day. An additional fee may apply for short notice installs.

The initial cost of one of our ramps IS slightly more expensive. But consider a few factors: Our ramps have a much longer lifespan and are virtually maintenance-free. Also, anyone with a hammer can build you a ramp, but this is our passion, and mobility equipment is all that we do. Installation of one of our ramps is also significantly faster than constructing a wooden ramp.  We also offer cost-effective payment plans through our EZ Pay payment option.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has requirements for public buildings, and we use those for guidelines. Your ramp, however, is not regulated by ADA. We will design and install a ramp specific to your needs. The design of your ramp will reflect whether you are in a wheelchair or using a walker, and whether you are independent or require assistance.

Depending on the design of your home, you may just need help with a doorway or threshold. We offer a wide range of solutions, and some are even portable and can be transported like a suitcase!

A Homeowners Association can regulate things like the color of your home, how you maintain your yard, or even how long your garage may remain open. The Fair Housing Act, a Federal Law, says that you must be allowed reasonable accommodation to gain access to your home. You only need a note from your doctor. Your HOA is not allowed to ask the nature or severity of your disability, and must take the doctor’s recommendation.

While we don’t recommend painting your ramp, we do offer underpinning (a decorative skirt) that may be able to compliment your home.

Our ramps have a unique molded tread pattern that provides increased traction in inclement weather. We still advise a good sweeping during snow or ice events, but the traction on our ramps is actually better than most wooden ramps.  We also sell an inexpensive ice melt product that won’t harm the surface of your ramp or void the warranty.

Perfect! Our ramps are modular, and created independent of your home, so they are easily installed and removed. We also offer rental and buy-back programs, so that you can have freedom of accessibility for as long as you need. Many of our clients are seeking short-term solutions for rehabilitation, vacations, and family gatherings.

Team member working on closure kits for ramp

What other mobility solutions do you offer?

In addition to our modular ramps, we are also proud to offer a variety of other home mobility solutions. Check out our selection of power chairs, scooters, stair lifts, bathroom mobility equipment, lift chairs and more.