One Low Price, Limitless Options! 

Mobility scooter and motorized wheelchair rentals are the perfect mobility solution when you are on a budget. Individuals with disabilities, health conditions, or medical issues with trouble walking or getting around are candidates for scooter rentals and mobility solutions.

With a wide range of scooters, we can find you the one that’s perfect for you! 


Rent: $150/month
Delivery fee: $200 \ $100 within Roanoke

Have a unique scooter requirement or need multiple scooter rentals for an event? Contact us at: 855-357-7679 for even more pricing options!

Lady driving a Jazzy Mobility Chair
  • 1114 ATS Jazzy Chair
  • Bruno Cub Chair
  • Golden Companion Motorized Wheelchair
  • Pride GoChair
  • Trasnformer 3 Chair - Folded and Unfolded
  • Transformer 3 Chair Open
  • Vision Sport Mobility Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

I have difficulty lifting heavy objects. Do you have a scooter that I can transport around?   Yes! We have scooters available for rent that weigh as little as 50lb.

I don’t have a van. Will a scooter fit in my far?  Yep. Our Transformer 3 scooter folds to the size of a large briefcase and will fit in the tiniest of cars.

Can I take my rental scooter on a plane?   You can. We have scooters available that you can take on a plane for any travel destination you have planned.

Can larger people use these scooters?  Absolutely. We have scooters to accommodate heavier individuals, as well as adjustable seats for those with longer legs.

How long will the scooters last before I have to charge them?  Fully charged, a scooter will last over eight hours. And can go anywhere from ten to twenty miles in distance, dependent on the weight of the user and the model you’re renting.