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At EZ Rampz, your accessibility is our priority. We offer mobility equipment and safety solutions throughout the Roanoke, Virginia area and we would love to make you our customer. You should never have to be confined to your home. That’s why we offer a variety of ramp styles, lifts and equipment to help you rediscover your freedom.

Your safety matters. If you have limited mobility and are having trouble navigating your own home or enjoying everyday activities, EZ Rampz has the solution for you. Our services include semi-permanent ramp installation, stairlift installation, lift chair sales, and even bathroom accessibility options.

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Mobility Ramps Designed For Your Home

EZ Rampz offers semi-permanent ramps that will transform any entrance of your home. Remove the barriers to your mobility needs that may prevent you or your loved ones from entering and exiting your home. Our ramps are configurable to a variety of different layouts and can easily accommodate your wheelchair, walker, or scooter.

You can rely on our friendly, reliable team to get your mobility ramp installed right the first time. The best part about our ramps is that they do not require any construction. After your installation has been scheduled, we will get your new ramp installed quickly so you can get back to the daily living activities that you enjoy.

Bathroom Solutions For Home Mobility

We also offer a wide range of products and equipment that can make using that bathroom in your home safer and more accessible. EZ Rampz bathroom and shower solutions are available to residential customers throughout the Roanoke area. We will help you love your bathroom again!

EZ Rampz specializes in the installation of BestBath roll-in showers. With a focus on safety, our BestBath Showers are quick to install (1-3 Days) and make using the shower easy for both individuals in wheelchairs and those with other mobility challenges. You will love the elegant and affordable designs that are also adaptable to grow with your needs.

In addition to our shower solutions, we also offer a wide-range of mobility products and accessories for your shower and bath. Choose from an appealing variety of shower seats, adjustable shower heads and grab bars that will both look great in your bathroom as well as offer the safety and functionality that you need. 

Pride Power Lift Chairs For Limited Mobility

EZ Rampz proudly offers Pride Power Lift Chairs for those who face limited mobility. These stylish chairs offer comfort and reliability and can be delivered right to your home, anywhere in Roanoke or surrounding areas. Each chair is beautifully designed to match your home’s aesthetic. Choose from a range of contemporary designs or a large selection of eye-catching fabrics that will compliment any home décor.

Click here to explore the Pride Lift Chair Catalog and learn more about each collection we have available. You are also welcome to visit our interactive Roanoke showroom to try them out for yourself! You can find us at 5119 Hollins Road in Roanoke VA 24019. Our showroom is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm, or by appointment.

Stair Glides and Stair Safety Solutions

If you or a loved one wants to stay in your home but are having trouble navigating the stairs and are concerned about safety, EZ Rampz has mobility products that will work for you. A stairglide (or stairlift) is a chair that mechanically glides up and down a staircase on a motorized rail attached to the stairs. Stair lifts are a safe solution designed to help people get up and down the stairs safely when mobility has become an issue. Access all of  the different levels in your home so that you can stay in the place that you love and enjoy your daily living.

EZ Rampz offers Handicare stair lifts. This company has more than 130 years experience of providing stair lifting solutions to those facing physical challenges. We also offer a wide variety of payment plans to offer our customers affordable mobility.

Find out if Handicare stairglides  are right for your home today. Call us today at 1-855-357-7679 to schedule a free in-home evaluation.

Need mobility solutions for your home? We’re here to help!

Need mobility solutions to compliment your home care? We’re here to help! No matter what your mobility needs are, EZ Rampz is here to help. Our company has a history of reliable service and happy customers. You can learn more about our company by clicking here. Or better yet, stop by and see us in Roanoke today! 

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