More than a Material Differences (Wood vs. Aluminum)

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Wood vs. Aluminum More than a Material Differences. So a simple search online will bring up all kind of advantages and disadvantages between purchasing an aluminum ramp or constructing a wooden ramp, but the end [...]

New Product Spotlight: Pride Wrangler 2019

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Pride Wrangler - All Terrain Scooter Rugged and powerful, the Wrangler is everything consumers want in an outdoor scooter. This aggressive scooter features 14.5-inch drive tires and front and rear CTS [...]

“We’ll treat you like we would our own grandparent,” More Than a Slogan

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More Than a Slogan One of our slogans at EZ Rampz is that we’ll treat you like we would our own grandparent. On the surface, this sounds like the typical marketing phrase that can [...]

Local Events: Military Appreciation Night (Salem, VA)

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Local Involvement. We at EZ Rampz Mobility Solutions are always looking for fun and exciting ways to give back to our Veterans and Military personnel while also engaging with the local community. So, [...]

EZ Rampz Mobility Solutions opens new interactive showroom

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EZ Rampz/Mobility Solutions moved from a 3,500-square-foot facility to a 13,000-square-foot location, we now have the space we need to feature all the accessibility products we offer for sale and for rent. This is the first showroom [...]

How to Help Your Child Deal With Alzheimer’s or Dementia

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Alzheimer’s disease can take a giant toll on family life. It can have a large affect on adult children, spouses and siblings, but most importantly, it can have an effect on younger children and teenagers [...]

Don’t Let Past Resentment Hinder Caregiving Present

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Caregiving can be tough, especially when you’re unprepared or your senior or disabled loved one is resistant to care. However, it can be just as difficult if you let the past control your care giving [...]

Disability Safety: Keeping Your Home Secure

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Being disabled or elderly can often make it difficult to navigate around your own home. Accessibility and mobility become difficult, and you become prone to more accidents in your bathroom, on the stairs or even [...]

How to Deal with Caregiving Hopelessness

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You never really see it coming and then it happens. Your spouse or loved one has a tragic accident and is now physically disabled. You go through the difficulties together of trying to relearn navigating [...]

How NOT to hire an In-Home Caregiver for your Loved One

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Being a caregiver for a loved one can be an incredibly stressful experience. If you’ve finally reached the point in your journey, when you can no longer physically and mentally meet the demands of caregiving, [...]

How to Deal with Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

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Though there are laws in place to protect disabled workers from discrimination in the workplace, the behavior itself is often overt that it’s difficult to prove. In some cases, subtle discrimination comes in the form [...]

3 Surprising Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

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Memory loss can be a distressing side effect of aging. But unlike Hollywood often portrays, mild memory loss is not the only impairment associated with Alzheimer’s. There are typically several, lesser known signs that can [...]

Navigating College with a Mobile Disability

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College can be a frightening experience for any incoming freshman. However, the prospect of moving away from the safety of your home can be even more intimidating if you suffer from a mobile disability or [...]